Proven Companies. Innovative Solutions.

Calumet Electronics is an early adopter of the GreenForces initiative. GreenForces brings highly-talented and highly-experienced engineers, designers, fabricators, testers, and researchers together to highly-innovative engineering and design, manufacturing and fabrication, specialized testing and analysis, and research and development under one roof.

What is GreenForces?

GreenForces is an agile consortium of HubZone-certified companies that provide engineering and design, analysis, prototyping, testing and production services, under one contract, to industry quality standards such as AS9100 and Nadcap.

What does GreenForces do?

Complete product lifecycle support from conceptual research and development, mechanical and electrical engineering, final design, prototyping, testing, integration and low / high volume manufacturing. The GreenForces consortium supports a wide range of industries such as printed circuit boards, investment castings, carbon composite manufacturing, supported by engineers with proven design and test experience.

Why GreenForces?

  • Single source of supply that delivers a wide range of services
  • Agility of small business with capabilities of large business
  • Proven industry leaders in respective core capabilities
  • Quality to industry standards (AS9100 & Nadcap)
  • Proven customer support and satisfaction
  • DoD-certified HubZone

Capabilities & Expertise

  • Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Quality & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Vehicle & Flight Testing
  • Metallurgical & Failure Anlysis
  • Wireless Telemetry Based Testing in Harsh Environments
  • Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Custom Machine Solutions
  • Research and Development