Tour our 100,000 sq ft State-of-the-Art Facility

Manufacturing Made in the USA
No Brokers
No Counterfeits
Footprint 100,000 SqFt Factory Floor
Security ITAR Registered Security
Schedule 24 Hours (3 Shifts)
5 Days/Week
Output 100,000 SqFt/Month

Automated Press Lines

Two hot presses, two cool presses, depinner, and transport.

Drill Route Fabrication


7 Hitachi Drills, 3 Excellon Drills, 3 Hitachi Routers, 2 Excellon Routers, Pluritec X-Ray Drill, 3 Accusystems Score Machines, Optec InnerVision, Optec VicMic, Accuage CMM, REL Beveler, Milling Machine

Soldermask Legend


3 Coaters, 3 OLEC Expose, 1 Via Plug, 3 Ovens, 1 Developer, 2 Sprints

Soldermask Legend


4 Fixture Testers, 6 Flying Probe Testers, Optec VideoMic, Contamination Tester, Bubble Wrapper, Box Taping

Calumet Electronics Admin Office

Admin Offices

An outside view of Calumet Electronics administrative offices located at our manufacturing facility in Calumet, MI.

Calumet Electronics Facility

Production Facility

An aerial shot of our 100,000 SqFt production facility in Calumet, MI.

Customer Inventory Management

Customer Inventory Management

We stock over $1,000,000 of customer inventory for our customers allow for transit time delivery when orders are placed.

Mechanical Verification

Final Mechanical Verification

Customer fabrication drawings are programmed into an automated mechanical micrometer measuring tool for final mechanical verification.



The AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) area of the facility contains 2 Orbotech dual-light Fusions and 3 Orbotech Discovery units. Featuring cutting-edge capabilities, Orbotech’s AOI systems deliver consistent results that are faster, more accurate and much more cost-effective than visual inspection, bringing a new level of quality to touch screen manufacturing. Powered by field-proven SIP Technology™ to further improve manufacturers’ bottom line results, Discovery, the world’s bestselling AOI, provides Simple, Intelligent and Powerful AOI performance.



We have a certified Class 10,000 clean room that includes 4 Laser Direct Imaging Units (LDI), 2 OLEC expose, 3 Laminators, and 1 Film plotter. LDI reduces the impact on the environment by removing the impact of light refraction that can occur with photo processing and provides a more consistent and precise image with less margin for defects.